Tariff Classification and Valuation
Compliance Self-Assessments
Duty Savings and Deferral Programs / Import Planning
Import Restrictions
Supply Chain Security (C-TPAT)
Administrative Procedures
Enforcement Proceedings
Customs Investigations and Audits (Focused Assessments)
Customs Litigation

Customs Investigations and Audits (Focused Assessments)
In the climate of "Informed Compliance," Customs expects importers to know the rules and regulations and develop procedures to minimize the risk of compliance failures. If selected for an audit, Customs will want to thoroughly review the company's import procedures (from warehouse and receiving, logistics to import and accounting). HKP assists clients in preparing for the audit, interviewing their key personnel involved in the import process, and in responding to Customs' requests for information. HKP can be flexible in providing cost-efficient representation in the various segments of the audit.

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